Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Opportunities

This past Thursday night I was named as the lone finalist for Superintendent of Crisp County Schools in Cordele, Georgia. Since this announcement, I have been blessed beyond measure with the outpouring of kind words from friends and family.

These kind words will be etched in my heart forever and lift me up on days that may be  difficult... 
Best wishes on your new position.  I am sure you will inspire educators in Crisp County Schools the way you did here in Dalton.
I am so happy for you about the Crisp County school superintendent position. You have so many qualities that the students, employees, and parents will be very lucky to count with a person that will care and do great things for them. On the personal side I am sad to lose you and your support for our parents and myself. I wish you all the best luck and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. The watermelon capital of the world is very lucky!
I am so very happy for you, but I will miss you sooooooo much.
I hate that you will be leaving us, but know that Cordele is lucky to have you. Thank you for all your blood, sweat, and tears! We appreciate you and all that you have done for Dalton Public Schools.
I know you may not even know me with such a big system and I know Dr. Hawkins says it’s not official with the 14 day waiting period. However, I wanted to congratulate you and let you know you have been an encouragement this first year for me at Dalton Public Schools. I have always felt welcomed at our new teacher workshops seeing your smiling face! You did a wonderful job finding me immediate help with canvas to help find a solution to the printing limitations! Crisp County will be lucky to have you and Dalton has been lucky to have you!
Congratulations! But I am sad to see you go.
I am SOOO happy for you!  I know that I do now know you well but I did get tears in my eyes seeing the news on the inner-office mail!  I can only imagine what it feels like to get the job of your dreams. I know you will do a terrific job and I want you to know that you will be GREATLY missed! I think you have brought a light to DPS that will be hard to fill.  Best wishes!
I just read Dr. Hawkins' note and wanted to offer my congratulations to you!  What a wonderful opportunity!  However, you will be greatly missed in Dalton.  I appreciate your positivity, the personal encouragement you have given to me, and the dedication you have shared with our children and teachers.  It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.  Best wishes in your new journey. 
Congratulations, Rhonda!  So excited for you, but we will miss you!
It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Dr. Rhonda Hayes, our director of school support,  has been named the lone finalist in the superintendent search for Crisp County Schools in Cordele, Georgia. In keeping with Georgia law, the Crisp County Board of Education must wait 14 days before their official vote hiring her.
Dr. Hayes came to Dalton Public Schools in 2006 as District Literacy Trainer. Since coming here, she has been an integral part of the implementation of our literacy program as well as our leadership development program.
The district will wait till Dr.Hayes is officially appointed as the superintendent in Crisp County before we address any plans for recruiting for her position.
While I am excited that Dr. Hayes will be able to pursue her career goal of becoming a superintendent, I regret having to lose her passion, commitment and dedication in Dalton Public Schools. Her influences will have a lasting impact in our schools. It is an added benefit for Dr. Hayes that  this opportunity will allow her to return to the area where she grew up and be near her family. I wish her all the best in her future endeavor.





  1. Rhonda!!!!! WOW!!! I am SOOOOOO excited for you! Wish I could come work for you! :) This is awesome and Crisp County schools have NO IDEA what a blessing they are receiving!!!! Congratulations! BTW - I reference you often in my classes as my mentor. I have so much that I learned from you. Thank you for that!

    1. This just made my day! I think we are members of a mutual admiration society!

  2. What an exciting time in your life! Congratulations!
    I enjoyed reading the encouraging words sent to you. How wonderful!